2018-10-20 BepiColombo esa & JAXA at arianespace

VA245 - Launch of BepiColombo on 2018-10-20 01:45 UTC
Mission to Mercury,
Merkur (der sonnennäheste Planet)

Grafik zum Sonnensystem auf Wikipedia
BepiColombo auf esa.int (named after Prof. Giuseppe "Beppi" Colombo, ital. Mathematiker, *1920-1984) und auf Wikipedia

Impressions from esa livestream

01:07 UT ≃ 0h:00:00 Video ≃ T−38:30
01:45 UT ≃ 0h:38:00 Video ≃ T−00:30 (Liftoff on an Ariane 5 at 01:45:28 UT CSG bei Kourou, GF)
02:21 UT ≃ 1h:14:00 Video ≃ T+36min (signal received at ESA's control centre in Darmstadt, DE)

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deployment of solarpanels at about t+35min will provide BepiColombo with own power and should start it's operation;

Update: first signals received at 02:21 UTC Signals from the spacecraft, … at 02:21 GMT confirmed that the launch was successful.

solar-propulsion with 580kg Xenon onboard - production on earth is about 600kg per year
continuously decelerating during the next 7 years for orbiting Mercury - to withstand the gravity of the Sun which will accelerate it

Time shown as min:sec, Countdown in green (condition "go"), Missiontime with white background
Enjoy the lift…

see you again, 2020-04-13 (Earth flyby), and
after 7 years of journey, in December 2025 to March 2026, orbiting Mercury ;)

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